Bird watching is really the activity to get into if you have a wide interest in nature

Bird watching is really the activity to get into if you have a wide interest in nature, birds and travelling. You will get a good dose of each of these factors when you take on birding. To expand your birding skills and to add to your repertoire, you have to venture out into the world. The bonus of birding is that it will take you to exotic places to discover new species of birds. It is best done under the guidance of a birding travel company who will make all of the arrangements and also provide a quality guide to lead along the expedition. Going to a foreign country and making the most out of limited time there is pretty hard when you are unfamiliar to the ways of the region and more so for birders who rely on time to track and spot different birding species. Both of these issues are tackled by birding travel companies.

Cuba bird watching tours are an example of such a travel package. Cuba bird watching tours have really been sought after since the country opened itself back up for tourism and birders are reaping the rewards. This tropical island is home to hundreds of bird species, many of them endemic. What makes Cuba bird watching tours even more on the radar is its migratory bird season as well. This then makes Cuba bird watching tours great all through the year.


A variety of habitats will be encountered on Cuba bird watching tours from mountain forest to rice fields and even river deltas. A great many are included in an average 2 week tour of the country. Cuba is just over a 100 thousand square kilometres long. This means not much travel within the country but still a lot of landscapes to cover. There is always change from day to day of Cuba bird watching tours. If two weeks seems too long for you, then the express Cuba birding tour would be perfect for you. You would see a fair bit and get a glimpse of this fascinating country. If two weeks of Cuba bird watching tours is too little for you then book into a month long one.

Get yourself enough of time to truly immerse yourself into the customs and culture of the country. Being a tour package, it is affordable to do so, even for such a long period of time. Cuba bird watching tours will include all of the accommodation, meals, travel, entrance fees and birding activities that you will need on the trip. This is irrespective of whichever tour length you would book into. Knowing the price ahead of time would give you a greater chance of budgeting for such a trip and to know whether you really can afford it. On the other end of the spectrum one must also consider that Cuba bird watching tours are planned by experts in the travel industry and along with benefiting from their highly discounted industry rates, you would also be assured of quality in the aforementioned aspects to be included in Cuba bird watching tours.

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